Trouble Updating Slack Integration for Multiple Workspaces

Our company just set up a new workspace within the organization to better work with outside contractors. We hit a snag where one of the workspaces ends up with the Slack integration set up correctly, but then the other shows the following information after clicking the link to update the connection.

There was an error installing the slack integration.
The message we got back was "Slack has already been authorized for another Clubhouse workspace.".

Even after disconnecting the app entirely from our Slack organization and reinstalling it directly from the integrations page, we still run into the same issue. Only one workspace can be fully connected at a time. Can someone help us resolve this?

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    I posted the same question to the Slack Community

    We are a development agency who uses a Workspace for each Client. Within each Workspace/Client we can manage projects/workflows, and additionally add/remove access from folks who do not need access to that Workspace (which we cannot do within a single Workspace).

    The problem described by Blake is exactly what we are running into also.

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    Hi everyone! Currently, Slack can only be used with one Workspace. We understand that this is definitely an issue on some teams, and have made sure to communicate this up to our Product team and Engineering teams whenever possible. While this is not currently on the roadmap, we'll make sure to update folks if this does get added to a future Iteration. Thanks for understanding, and please let us know if you have any trouble getting Slack to work on your main Workspace. 

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    Has anyone found a work around for this?


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