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I would really like to be able to display a list of stories I follow.  I know there is an activity log which shows all of that currently.  What I would like is to look at a page (or run a query) that only shows me the cards for the stories I am following.  Icing on the cake would be the ability to filter out stories that are completed.  Is there any way to do this??

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    Hi Josiah 


    There sure is! What you're looking for can be easily accomplished by filtering the stories page. When you navigate to the stories page, click the Add Filter... button on the left side, one of the many presets is "Followed by Me". This will filter the page by these stories; you can quickly look at your Completed column for the stories you wish to track from here. You don't need to this every time also, you can create and save a Space of this filter so that you may have quick access to these stories. For info on doing this see:




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