Any plan to use GitLab's "Project access tokens" feature for integration with Bot accounts?

GitLab recently released "Project access tokens" as a feature in their 13. release (and enabled them by default in 13.3) for self-hosted instances. Though they plan on releasing it for instances the 13.4 release (as per this comment on their issue page:

Here's the wiki page for the feature: 

As it stands, using the GitLab integration requires creating a new account, which means paying for a new user. The new feature still requires us to pay for these service account bots, but this is an issue they are planning on fixing as per this issue (which is also mentioned in the feature page linked above):

Are there any plans on changing the current integration implementation over to these project access tokens so that we won't need to pay for an extra seat to use the ClubHouse integration (once GitLab fixes the aforementioned issue, of course)?

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