Migrate from Github Projects to Clubhouse with ease

Hello all, I've found my self using Clubhouse at work and enjoying it more than GitHub Projects.
I have a handful of projects that use GitHub projects and I haven't seen a tool to migrate things from one to the other, so I've written on and released it to the world.


This command line tool will take in your GitHub and Clubhouse API tokens then walks you through the migration process of selecting your columns to move from GitHub's project and where it maps up in the Clubhouse workflow states. This will move cards and github cards that have been migrated to issues. Any project cards that contain checkbox lists are parsed and then Clubhouse tasks are created on the Story.
This entire migration process is automatic once the initial questions are asked and the mappings are made.

Feel free to take a look at it, the program is written in go and tests are written to ensure the tasks are working.
I've already migrated 4 projects over and planning on moving another 2 over in the up-and-coming months.

Thanks, Happy Friday!

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    This looks so great - thank you Noah! 

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