I have noticed recently that the fonts in clubhouse have become very blurry and uncomfortable to read. This only happens inside the view when I open a card. It looks as if there is some strange resizing or perhaps some fonts with strong anti-aliasing. 


Does anyone experience this as well?

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    Hi Folks!


    Happy to report that the team looked at this issue and it has been fixed. You should not be seeing this any longer. If you do, please perform a hard refresh on your browser and try again.


    We appreciate your patience while we looked into this.

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    Yes, it happen to me and my team too. Cards are harder to read due to blurry font

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    We're having trouble with this too - it's really difficult to look at and is causing literal headaches.


    It's on the expanded view of a story and any time the window isn't maximised. We've identified the cause as this bit of CSS:

    transform: translateZ(0);

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