Answered Delete Stories Workflow States?

Is there a way to delete workflow states for stories?


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    Wanted to provide a answer to the question in case someone else finds this.

    Navigate to your Clubhouse workflow states (can use the below URL) or by going to Settings > Workflow States.<name>/settings/workflow

    Click on the Workflow State name you wish. This will bring up the option to edit the workflow state name, description, etc. What you want to do here is click on the trash icon located in the lower left. This will delete the workflow.


    Please do note: in order to delete the workflow state, it must not currently contain any stories or story templates associated to it. If there are, you must delete or move them out of this state first. Luckily, Clubhouse provides you with shortcut to find these right away right from this screen. Simply click on the little magnifying glass in the upper right, next to the workflow name. This will take you to the search page for these stories and from here you can delete or move them. If you'd like more info on managing workflow states see: Managing Your Workflow States


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