Answered Is there a way to follow an iteration?

I have a CX leader who wants to be able to 'follow' an iteration. She would like to be notified (maybe via the slack integration) when anything changes in a particular iteration (adding stories, changing the state of the story, etc), without following each individual story. 

Is there any way to do this currrently?

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    Hi All,


    I am afraid that at this time it is not possible to follow an iteration, unless you're the creator of said iteration. In cases like this, we simply recommend to follow the stories in the iteration that you wish to be updated about - this can be easily done within the iteration, by Bulk Editing the stories and add yourself (or others) as a follower.


    In fact, there is not much difference notification-wise between an iteration follower (creator) and someone who follows the individual stories. The process is just a bit more automatic for the creator. 

    While managing iteration followers isn't on our immediate roadmap, what I'll do is add your +1 and additional context to an internal Story we have tracking this. Since we'll have this conversation associated with that Story, as we prioritize work in the future we'll be able to reach back out to keep folks in the loop. The product team will review all submitted feedback to integrate it (as best we can) into future plans.



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