Not planned Feature Request: assign Story to Milestone

We'd like to use Milestones to track releases, and assign Stories and Epics to a Milestone to indicate that it will be part of that release.

However, it seems that you can only assign epics to a milestone.

Why is this? Not every story is part of an epic.


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    By it's definition in Clubhouse, Milestones are collections of Epics. Not saying that is the way you use them, but that's how they do it.  If a story is not part of an epic, but a milestone, why not create an epic that the story is a part of? 

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    @Brad this would cause a lot of unnecessary administrative overhead. For example, if my release milestone includes 9 stories and 3 epics, I would need to create 9 empty parent epics for these 9 stories.

    So part of my feature request would be redefining Milestones. Milestone = collection of epics and/or stories.

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    Or a single epic to contain Misc stories.

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    Thanks for the feedback!


    As Brad mentioned, in Clubhouse Milestones are a Collection of Epics. For transparency: there are no plans to make Stories have a direct relationship with Milestones. And this is simply due to the way Clubhouse divides up work foundationally.


    It does sound to me like it's possible Milestones may not be the right dimension to slice of work. Epics, in your case, seem like the most appropriate way to denote this work. Epics, by definition, are simply a collections of Stories. You may either track these releases at the Epic level, by having all of the pertinent stories be in single Epic. Or you may still use Milestones, but without the need to create separate Epics for each story; simply house all of the Stories in single Epic and link said Epic to a Milestone.

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    @Eury M, Clubhouse's blog contradicts you.

    The standard definition of an Epic is a large body of work,
    a large user problem that can be broken down into more than one story.
    At Clubhouse, an Epic is a collection of stories that, when completed,
    will achieve a specific goal or outcome.

    You can't have an epic as a generic container of misc stories as you'd be losing semantics assigned to the epic concept, specially if they are unrelated and can be prioritized/completed/reviewed/approved/deployed separately.
    Sometimes you have a very small story that has to be done before a certain milestone is reached, and this should be assignable without the need for a overhead of creating an epic just for it (which should actually be representative of a large body of work).

    To me, this determination of Milestones being a collection of epics only simply unnecessarily entails in a loss of semantics compared to the pure meaning of the words, agile literature (important to remember not to reinvent the wheel) and, as shown, to Clubhouse's own blog. On the very least, this could be configurable. Is there any reason why not?


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