Python module for interacting with ClubHouse API (API wrapper)

Hi all! I made an open source module for interacting with your API in Python (API wrapper). 

In the "Open Source Project" section on site, there are libraries on Ruby, JavaScript, PHP, Swift, Clojure, but not Python. I decided to correct this situation.

Pip: pip install clubhouse-api
I hope you like it. I will be glad to receive any feedback.
Have a great day and thank you for your attention :)
from club_house_api import ClubHouse
import asyncio
import os

TOKEN = os.getenv('API_TOKEN')

club_house_session = ClubHouse(TOKEN, 'v3')
club_house = club_house_session.get_api()

async def main():

    all_projects = await club_house.projects()
    first_project_id = all_projects[0]['id']

    new_story = {'name': 'My new story', 'project_id': first_project_id}
    story = await club_house.stories.create(**new_story)

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

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