Answered My clubhouse is hopelessly disorganized, I want to delete everything and start over

Between not understanding the way things were going to look and some of the rework and adding of features over time that have happened my clubhouse is hopelessly disorganized. How can I easily delete everything and start over fresh

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    Hi Bill!


    The best way to accomplish what you're looking for is to simply create a new workspace within your organization. You can do so from the Org & Workspace Dashboard. Simply click the Add New Workspace to Organization button in the upper left of the screen, next to the org name. This will create a brand new workspace, free of the stories, Epics, and other data from the other workspace. You will, essentially, start from scratch here!


    Although you don't have to, you may then delete the pervious workspace (though note: this action cannot be undone) via the Org & Workspace Dashboard. For steps, please see the "Deleting an Organization or Workspace" section in our documentation.



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