Answered How to delete Teams?

I don't want to use Teams in my Clubhouse, is there any way to stop new Stories from having Team 1 be assigned to it automatically? 

I have even archived all Teams, but Team 1 is always assigned on all new stories

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    Teams is a terrible feature for companies where there is only 1 team - ever story looks like it's taken by someone but actually it's just assigned to a team.  How can we disable teams?

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    Hi Arvin,


    If you have archived all of your teams, and do not wish for Clubhouse to auto-fill the Team drop down, simply click Create Story > Click the Teams drop down, and select None.


    Future stories should not have Teams auto-selected. The team is gathering feedback from folks, and we'll be looking at making it easier to make teams more configurable for organization that don't particularly need it.



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