Answered Does Clubhouse task allow an image inline with the task? below it or above it?

Does Clubhouse task allow an image inline with the task? Inside it, below it or above it?
I am looking for this feature. A MT that has this feature is GitKraken. 

Thanks in advance

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    Hi Catherine!


    I'm afraid that images inline with tasks is not currently supported. Tasks currently only support text and markdown, as well as @mentions. However, you can create lists in the story description (via markdown), and story descriptions can of course support images inline. 


    While image support within tasks isn't on our immediate roadmap, what I'll do is add your +1 and additional context to an internal Story we have tracking this. Since we'll have this conversation associated with that Story, as we prioritize work in the future we'll be able to reach back out to keep you in the loop. The product team will review all submitted feedback to integrate it (as best we can) into future plans!




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