Answered Sort labels by color in story dropdown

When adding labels to a story, they are sorted alphabetically. We use colors to group labels by type so sorting them by color will be very useful. This sorting is available it the labels admin page so using it also in the stories will be great. Right now we are forced to prefix each label name with an int for every color to force them to be grouped.

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    Hi David,


    We truly appreciate any and all feedback, and do our best to share every piece we get with the team.


    While this isn't on our immediate roadmap, what I'll do is add your +1 and additional context to an internal Story we have tracking this. Since we'll have this conversation associated with that Story, as we prioritize work in the future we'll be able to reach back out to keep you in the loop. The product team will review all submitted feedback to integrate it (as best we can) into future plans.



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    I just wanted to add that my organization also misses this functionality. 



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