Answered Feature Request: In stories view, filter by owner by clicking on user's profile icon

Currently, our standup process for various projects uses the stories view. It looks something like this:

- load the "Current Sprint" saved space (Everything space filtered by the current iteration only)

- filter by Project for current standup

- then, filter individually by each team member on project via "Quick filters" we have added for each team member


This is becoming cumbersome as our team grows, because we have to manually add a filter for each new dev, and the developer list is getting long. I am requesting functionality similar to [GitHub Projects]( where you can click on a user's profile picture in a currently visible story, and it adds that as an "OR" filter to the current space.

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    Hi Nathan, Thank you for reaching out to us here in the forum. I believe I may have answered your question in a support ticket earlier today. As this was a feature request, the context was added to a Story we have tracking this. 


    If you still have any questions and/or if there's anything else we can do to further assist, please do let us know - we're here to help! Thank you again for being part of the Clubhouse community and for utilizing Clubhouse for your project management needs.   

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