Answered Default Mute Option for Users

Options for Mods of room or Users to set "Mute" while joining the speakers.

As a User or Mod, I need an option to set myself as Mute while joining listener to speakers. 

Currently I need to hurry myself to set mute as soon as I join speakers.

There are many people who are not muting them self while joining and it is affecting the "Room Experience"

Give a thought just like Zoom, I joining in mute mode. 

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    Based on the information within your post, you may be looking for the other "Clubhouse" (the social and audio chat app). If this is in error, just let me know. 

    Below we have some information for the most common requests coming through. If things seem off, please double check you are indeed looking for Project Management assistance, and not a social or audio chat app.

    • Invites? Phone Number Issues?
    • Name Changes?
    • Clubs? Rooms?
    • Suspensions? Nominated by?

    For the audio chat app, I suggest contacting their support for further assistance by going to their website for further information. We are unable to provide any assistance.

    Once again, if this is in error and you are looking for Clubhouse Software, please make sure to contact us at from the email associated with your Organization so we can properly associate your information & ensure a timely and accurate response.

    Cheers and have a nice day!


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