Product Stories and Child Technical Stories

Hi I'm new to Clubhouse and hoping to get a little perspective on how best to translate our current process. We have three teams (Product, Front End Dev, Back End Dev) which correlate fairly well to teams in Clubhouse. So far so good. We do create milestones, usually per quarter, so again no issue there. We also usually ship per project, so we have things like core-api, core-db, angularjs, along with a product project, etc. So I made projects and aligned them to workflows for those also without too much trouble.

Here is where I get into trouble. Product (the team) creates epics which are a cluster of USER stories that need to be shipped to add value to the value stream (i.e. actual 'As a blank, I want blank, etc - these are actual stories in the product project, owned by the product team). So for example let's say there are a total of 10 users stories in my epic. But then each user story will have front end work (engineering stories assigned to the appropriate FE Engineering project) and back end work (engineering stories assigned to the approproate BE Engineering project). So let's pretend this explodes out to 40 total engineering stories (2 FE and 2 BE stories for each user story). Now my epic has a total of 50 stories included in it. This is where it starts to fall apart for me as I now have no way to know when any ONE USER story can be shipped. (We do CI/CD so we are always shipping completed code and use feature flags to hide incomplete features.) I know I can use the related stories option to link the work, but this is human error prone, and I don't see where any of Clubhouse's reporting takes into account linked stories? How are others setting this up? Am I making this too hard? Or am I simply not using the tools correctly? 

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