Answered Find Member ID by Email Address?

Is it possible to search for a Member ID by their email address?  The member to search for is in the same Organization as the user making the API request.

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    Hello Kevin,

    Thank you for writing into the Community Forum. I would say not entirely. If you consider calling the List Members endpoint, you could isolate the 'email_address' response with the 'id' response. The member ID would be the one right under the group_ids​ parameter.

    Additionally, I think the best place to get API advice is likely our community Slack because it's filled with other users that have ran into similar use cases, and it could be an opportunity to learn how they did or didn't get around any possible roadblocks.

    If there's anything else we can do to further assist, please do let us know - we're here to help! Thank you again for being part of the Clubhouse community


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