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As a user I would like to have pasted Loom video into the description of a ticket to be automatically converted to embedded videos so my colleagues are less likely to miss the video, have less tabs open and stay in context of the ticket.


A constant problem for me as designer that our engineer miss the loom video in which I go through the entire feature in detail because the text before and the Figma designs afterwards draw so much attention that nobody checks the small blue link inbetween.

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    Hello Philip,

    Thanks for posting here in the forum! We truly appreciate any and all feedback, and do our best to share every piece we get with the team.


    That said, a Loom Integration isn't currently on our immediate roadmap, however what I'll do is add your +1 and additional context to an internal Story we have tracking Integration requests. Since we'll have this conversation associated with that Story, as we prioritize work in the future we'll be able to reach back out to keep you in the loop. The product team will review all submitted feedback to integrate it (as best we can) into future plans.


    As a suggestion, instead of placing the Loom video link in the description area, attaching it as an external link could help it stand out and separate it from the description details.


    Thank you again for being part of the Clubhouse community. If there's anything else we can do to further assist, please do let us know - we're here to help!


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