Can you please help me located the original creator of a milestone.  I have clicked on everything I can, yet I am still unable to find the original creator.  As a new employee and user to our organization, I am trying to find the appropriate team member for which to obtain information regarding the milestone.  The example I have appears to be just a shell without any Epics assigned.  

Thank you for your assistance.

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    Hi Tim,


    Milestones represent a large body of work so generally multiple teams are involved in its progress, which precludes it from being assigned to one Owner/Requester. There currently isn't a method to track the "Created By" parameter for Milestones, unfortunately (I gave this a try through the API as well). 


    I'm going to add your +1 here to an internal Story we have tracking Milestone customization, but I'm also curious to know whether there are any Categories attached to the Milestone perhaps? Stories or Epics that are related to the Milestone in name?

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