Allow setting WIP Limits by Workflow State/Column and Team

Option to set a work in progress limit by workflow state/column and team.  This would allow for enforcement, by the tool, of the core Kanban WIP limit concept.   So, for instance, if you had the classic states of "unstarted", "doing", "done" in the workflow "stuff" and you had two teams setup "team X" and "team Y", you could setup a WIP limit of, say, 3 for "team X" on the "doing" state in workflow "stuff".  This would prevent more than three stories being in the "doing" column of the workflow for "team X".  On the other hand, since no WIP limit is setup for "team Y", they could have infinite tickets in "doing".


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    That would be useful.

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    Honestly, this is a critical feature for teams in a business that want to use a WIP limited Kanban approach and where the organisation in general is pushing Shortcut across all teams. 


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