Regression: Cmd-K with text highlighted should create a link

I think the new Power Bar (Cmd-K), which is cool, broke the ability to create a link out of highlighted text.

My old flow, which used to work in Clubhouse

  • Copy a URL from somewhere else
  • Start typing a Clubhouse comment
  • Highlight a word in the comment I'm typing
  • Hit Cmd-K to create a link
  • Paste URL

This no longer works. When I hit Cmd-K, even when I have text highlighted, the Power Bar pops up. The Power Bar should not pop up if I hit Cmd-K and currently have text highlighted.

Superhuman, one of the innovators of the "power bar" concept, gets this right (video)

  • Cmd-K without text highlighted: show
  • Cmd-K with text highlighted: create a link

Please fix this regression! Getting UI nuances like this right is why I switched to Clubhouse to begin with. Jira never gets things like this right.

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