Need more granular notifications

Hi, is providing more granular notifications settings on your enhancements roadmap? If not already, can you please add it?

While the current controls are helpful, my team needs to be able to choose more that just "follow' (everything) and mentions. Ideally, we would be able to:

1. Select notifications for specific story progressions through the workflow.
For example:
- I'm a Product Owner, so I need to be notified when stories are moved to only 3 lanes in our 8-step workflow (Stuck, Ready for PO Review, and Completed)
- My Devs need to be notified when stories are moved into different lanes (Ready for Dev, Ready for Peer Review, Ready for Prod)
- My QA team needs to be notified when stories are moved to Ready for QA and Ready for Prod

2. Get notifications for all story edits, not just added comments.
When we are following a story, we get notified when there is a comment added, but not when there are changes to the description of the ticket. So we have to both make the description change and add a comment about it, doubling the task.

Thank you, I look forward to your response.

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