Associate a Git branch to a Story

To create a new feature branch, click the Story you want to work with, and then click the "Git Helpers" icon located in the upper right corner of the story dialog, between the Story ID number and Settings ellipsis icon.


Then copy the suggested branch name to create and checkout a new branch for your story. Whenever you push a branch, it will be automatically linked to the story.

Customize the Git Helper branch format

If the format from the Git Helper doesn’t fit with your branch naming conventions, you can customize this entirely. As long as the branch includes /sc-###/ somewhere in the branch name, the choice is yours.


Changes to your GitHelper branch format applies to all users and VCS providers in the workspace.

Click on your user icon in the lower left corner > click Integrations and select your VCS provider in this screen.

Locate Git Branch Formatting section, and click Edit to select from a number of branch name presets


If you wish to fully customize the formatting, select Custom Format option under the presets to select which attributes (as well as their order) go in the branch name:



Associating Branches with Stories with a Pull Request

Branches can be associated with multiple stories using pull request descriptions. Add the Story numbers to the description with the prefix sc- in brackets.


Additional PRs to the same branch will associate to the listed Story or Stories.

While multiple Stories can be associated with a single branch, pushing to a branch with a different Story number will not disassociate it from any Story it was previously associated with.


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