All views on the Stories page are organized as Spaces.

A Space can be any combinations of Projects, Epics, Workflow States, and keyword filters. Some example Spaces might be: "My Work", "My Squad's Work", or "All Bugs Without Owners".

We provide a few permanent Spaces, which appear with a star instead of a circle. You can only make changes to the Spaces you have created. These are indicated by a circle icon or a signal icon (indicating a Shared Space).

You can also export a CSV of all the Stories in a saved Space.


You can also quickly jump between your first nine Spaces by pressing numbers 1 through 9 on your keyboard.


Want to see Spaces in action? Explore our Sample Workspace, which contains pre-filled information that will allow you to see how it all works together. Access it by clicking on your User Icon on top right > Help / Feedback > Sample Workspace.