Creating a Story in Slack using Slack Actions

Once you have enabled the Slack integration in a Shortcut Project and associated it with a Slack channel, you can create a Shortcut Story from within Slack using the Actions feature.

You can access this feature via the More actions menu of a comment, or create a stand alone story in a channel using command /shortcut create.

Observers cannot use this feature.

The ability to create a Story from a Slack message will work globally across any channel in your Slack Workspace, even if you do not have the integration linked to post notifications to that channel. Shortcut link unfurling will also work globally across Slack channels in your Slack Workspace.

You can create a Story from any comment, converting its text into the Story description. First, go to a channel where the Slack integration has been installed.

Next, hover over the comment and click on the ellipses More actions menu to the right.


Then click on the Create a Story button.


A short form will appear where you can enter Story details. You can set the Story's Title, Description, Type, Workflow, Project, Team, Epic, Owner, and any of the Fields you have enabled in your workspace.


Note: At the this time, the Slack Actions form doesn't support setting multiple owners or Teams for a Story created in Slack.

Once you're ready, click on the Create Story button. A Slack message appear with the Story details and link to the Story.


If the original Slack comment is a standalone comment in a channel, the new Slack message with the Shortcut Story link will appear as a new comment in that channel.

If the original Slack comment is in a Slack thread, the new Slack message will appear as a new comment in that same thread. The new Slack message will also appear as a new standalone comment in the channel.

You can click the link to be taken directly to the Story, where you can make any edits or additions necessary. Note that all Stories created from Slack are placed automatically in your Workspace's default Unstarted state.



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