What are Projects?

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New Shortcut users will not have access to Projects as it is a legacy feature and will be phased out over time. Existing users can toggle Projects off or still use them for now however they will eventually be replaced by Fields. Have questions? Read more below.

What are Projects?

Projects typically map to collections of people (such as Frontend, Backend, Mobile, Devops, etc) but can represent any open-ended focus area, product, component, or initiative.


Before the introduction of Teams, we encouraged the use of Projects as a way to categorize work by groups of users. Now that Teams and Workflows can be assigned to each other, we've decided to make Projects optional.

When creating a Story, you no longer need to assign a Project and can now leave it blank if you choose to!


Although Projects are now optional, they are still associated with Workflows. When creating a Story, selecting a Workflow will filter the available Projects to only those associated with the selected Workflow.

We envision Projects to be used as an optional form of further categorizing Stories. When areas of work become increasingly diversified, Projects may be a useful tool for some teams!

What is the future of Projects?

We recognize that there is a need for certain categorization to span various dimensions, which is why Projects can be so useful. However, Projects come with their own limitations and inflexibilities, so that's why we're designing Custom Fields which will be a more powerful and flexible alternative to Projects. Read more about Fields here.

Not Using Projects Anymore?

Projects are now toggleable via the Projects Settings page.


We are moving away from Projects

There is a new and improved way to structure work in Shortcut

  • Group your squads- Use Teams to represent groups of people doing work.
  • Structure your work- Use Fields to structure work. Fields are created by Admins and Owners. Custom Fields coming soon.
  • Add labels- Use Labels to categorize work however you want. Labels are created by anyone.
  • View your work: Use Spaces to create different views, or boards, such as My Team's Work, Current Sprint, or My Work.

Learn more about the transition.  




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