What is an Iteration?

An Iteration is a defined, time-boxed period of development for a collection of Stories. In Shortcut, Iterations can span multiple Epics, Projects, and Workflows. 

Iterations and sprints are often interchangeable terms. If you work in sprints, using the Shortcut Iterations feature will help you streamline, manage, and review your work. 

Enabling Iterations in Your Workspace

Iterations are enabled by default but if you don't see them in your workspace, an Admin or Owner can enable Iterations in Workspace Settings. After enabling this setting, you may need to refresh your page to see Iterations in the left navigation panel of your Shortcut Workspace.

Iterations Manage Page

Clicking on the Iterations icon in the left navigation panel will bring you to the Iterations Manage page.

The Iterations Manage page is where you can create Iterations, edit or delete them, add Stories to your Iterations, as well as move Stories between them by dragging and dropping them across Iterations on this page.

Iteration States

Iterations can exist in three states: Unstarted, Started, and Done. The state of your Iteration will update automatically in accordance with the start and end dates you define when creating your Iteration. 

The green progress bar on top of each Iteration on the Iterations Manage page is a visual indicator of how your Iteration is tracking towards completion. Hovering over the progress bar will show the number of Stories/Points in the Iteration as well as the percentage of Stories/Points that are either Unstarted, In Progress, or Completed.  

Individual Iteration Detail Pages & Reporting

Clicking into an individual Iteration will open the Iteration detail page, containing additional details about the Stories within the Iteration, as well as reporting features such as a Burndown Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram for the Iteration.

Want to see Iterations in action? Explore our Sample Workspace, which contains pre-filled information that will allow you to see how it all works together. Access it by clicking on your User Icon on top right > Help / Feedback > Sample Workspace.

Filtering the Iterations Manage Page

The Iterations Manage page may contain Iterations across different squads, or product-focused groups across your organization. Adopt a naming convention for your Iteration names that includes the squad or group name. Then, the filter/search bar on the Iterations Manage page can be used to search for or filter down this page to show only specific Iterations.

Filtering and Grouping by Iteration in other pages of your Workspace

Iterations can also be surfaced on an individual Epic page, where you can group Stories by Iteration, or on the Stories page, where you can filter by Iteration across the kanban view.

Filtering Iterations by Teams

Ready to see how using Teams can increase your productivity? Try filtering from the Stories page or the Reports page to see all Iterations by Team - it's a great addition to any team's status and planning reports.

  • Iterations by Team on the Stories Page

From the Stories page, navigate to the Team specific Iteration section. You further granulate the results be selecting a specific Iteration from the Filters section.

And you're all set!

Power Users: Feel free to save this as a Space for future use, too. 

  • Iterations by Team on the Reports Page

You can now boost the accuracy of your reporting by honing in on exactly the Team you want! You can view all Iterations associated with any Team or select a specific Iteration via the Reports page. 


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