Teams <> Workflows

The Team-to-Workflow relationship provides flexibility and structure that wasn't quite possible with Projects. In this article, you can find out how to set up Teams to Workflows, how to customize Team Colors, and what updates we have planned for the Projects feature.

How to Associate a Team <> Workflow

If you haven't created a Team yet, you can assign Workflows when first creating a Team.


There is a many-to-many relationship between Teams and Workflows so a Team can belong to several Workflows and vice-versa.

If you have already created a Team, then you can configure the Workflows associated by navigating to the individual Team page and selecting the Workflows dropdown menu on the right-hand sidebar.



Team Colors

As Teams become more prominent throughout Shortcut, we've provided team colors as an easy way to distinguish one team from another so feel free to express your team identity!

One area where you'll notice team colors is on the Story Page. The left side of the Story Card will now display the color of the team to which it was assigned.

While we initially randomly assign team colors, you can change this by either assigning them when first creating a team, or by navigating to the individual team and selecting the team color dropdown menu on the left-hand sidebar.



Updates to Projects

Projects are now optional! You can continue using them as an extra categorization method to further classify Stories, but if you were using Projects in place of Teams we'd recommend fully transitioning to Teams.


While projects will still be associated with a Workflow, that is now optional (i.e. Workflows can be used without requiring a Project). If you would like to further classify Stories, selecting a Workflow will then filter the available Projects so that only those associated with the selected Workflow will be available for selection.


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